Take Advantage of Our Convenient Membership Program

Take Advantage of Our Convenient Membership Program

Save time and money with help from Max-Pro Heating and Cooling

Instead of waiting for things to go wrong with your HVAC before you call a pro, why not take a more proactive approach? Max-Pro Heating and Cooling offers a convenient membership program to help you keep up with your system. We'll visit your property twice a year to take a look at your unit and make sure everything is working properly.

If we do notice any issues, we can provide you with a cost-effective repair solution.

Membership Program - For Only $15 Per Month

Our program includes:

  • Two full detailed diagnosis inspections, one for the A/C and also for your furnace, which aligns with the highest specifications
  • Discount of 10% of any services needed throughout the year
  • No after hour fees
  • Priority servicing even on weekends/holidays
  • Labor warranty on services
  • And more...

For an additional $5 per month, we offer a 3-year limited labor warranty.

Find out what all is included in our membership program

You'll be glad you signed up for our comprehensive membership program. We will:

  • Test the AC starting capabilities
  • Test the air conditioner safety controls
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Monitor the refrigerant pressure
  • Test the thermostat
  • Check the cooling temperature and airflow
  • Check and clean the condenser coils
  • Inspect the compressor and fan
  • Lubricate the condenser fan motor
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure volts and amps
  • Add refrigerant, if required (refrigerant not included)
  • Inspect the filters

Yearly maintenance will assist in avoiding unexpected repair costs. Our membership program will look after your air conditioning as well as your furnace but we can go beyond that as well.

For a very low additional monthly cost, we can include your air cleaner, humidifier, water heater, and/or air handler.


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